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SAHPRA Certified

We are proud to announce that our company has achieved SAHPRA certification. SAHPRA certification is a testament to our dedication to compliance with stringent regulatory requirements, assuring our customers that they can trust in the safety and efficacy of our offerings.

NDOH Certified

We take immense pride in our NDOH certification, which stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence in the healthcare industry. This certification is a reflection of our dedication to meeting and exceeding the rigorous standards set by the National Department of Health.

SAPC Certified

Our SAPC (South African Pharmacy Council) certification is a mark of distinction, demonstrating our dedication to the highest standards in the pharmaceutical industry. With this certification, we ensure that our products and services adhere to strict regulations, assuring quality, safety, and efficacy. You can trust us to deliver healthcare solutions that meet the rigorous standards set by SAPC, promoting your well-being and peace of mind.

Our Services


Collaborating with the market leaders to provide qualitative and quantitative products in generic pharmaceuticals and new formulations by constant innovation and breaking technological barriers with due regard to quality, safety and environment.

Medical Devices

Team up with the global leaders and innovators, help our customers to get the most out of their therapy with high quality service through our products.

Consulting Services

Our team of regulatory consultants brings a depth of knowledge and breadth of experience across various pharmaceuticals and medical devices in African countries and also around the globe.
RBC pharmaceuticals will do Registration process at SAHPRA and supplies the South African Health care market with complimentary and alternative medicines and products.

Complimentary & Alternative Medicine

RBC pharmaceuticals will do Registration process at SAHPRA and supplies the South African Health care market with complimentary and alternative medicines and products.
RBC pharmaceuticals will do Registration process at SAHPRA and supplies the South African Health care market with complimentary and alternative medicines and products.

Our Causes

Why choose us?

Our team is driven by a profound understanding of our customers’ requirements and the dynamic environments in which they operate.

We use the cutting-edge RBC&PARTNER tools, and meticulously craft Engagement and Business Management Plans tailored to each client. These plans serve as a roadmap, ensuring seamless execution and fostering long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual success.

Our strategies are not just effective; they’re transformative, paving the way for our clients to achieve remarkable success.













Colloboration with global companies

Hetero SA, FDC SA, Caplin (India), Jubilant generics SA, PHARMAQ South Africa, Alfa diagnostics Inc, SADX Inc, Gaobidian PRISES Biotechnology Co ltd, Changchun Wancheng Bio Elctron Co, 3M, Mankind (India), Beta drugs (India), MSN (India), Life Assay South Africa, Afrigenerics, Accord healthcare, Zydus, Trinity pharma, Kiara healthcare etc.,

Our Network

Affiliated Societies

Our affiliations with esteemed organizations such as the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, SAAPI (South African Association of Pharmacists in Industry), SAMED (South African Medical Device Industry Association), and SAPHEX (South African Pharmaceutical Exhibition) reflect our strong commitment to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.

These affiliations provide us with invaluable access to a vast network of industry experts, enabling us to stay at the forefront of advancements and best practices in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. Our active involvement in these organizations allows us to share knowledge, foster collaboration, and contribute to the continuous improvement of healthcare solutions.

In addition, our adherence to the Marketing Code of Authority underscores our unwavering dedication to ethical marketing practices.

Section 21 Supply & buyout requirement

Our Section 21 Supply service in South Africa is tailored to meet critical healthcare demands. We provide essential medical supplies and equipment to public and private sector institutions, ensuring that the healthcare sector operates smoothly and efficiently, even during challenging times.

Sales and Marketing

Our Sales and Marketing strategy is designed to maximize your product’s reach and impact. We employ innovative techniques to create brand awareness and drive sales, ensuring your success in the market.

Pharma Intelligence Services

Our Pharma Intelligence services provide valuable insights and data-driven solutions, empowering informed decisions in the pharmaceutical industry. With a focus on trends, research, and market analysis, we keep you at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Our Expansion

Other Services

At RBC Pharma, we’re your trusted partners in healthcare, and our commitment to excellence extends across various critical services.

With our deep expertise in buyout requirements, we adeptly navigate complex procurement processes. We understand the urgency of healthcare supply needs, and our team is dedicated to delivering timely solutions that are crucial for healthcare institutions and professionals.

In the competitive market, we take your product promotion to the next level. Our innovative techniques, coupled with in-depth market analysis and strategic brand-building strategies, elevate your offerings. The result? Increased sales, expanded market share, and a stronger brand presence.

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, staying ahead is imperative. With our Pharma Intelligence services, we offer you a dedicated focus on trends, ongoing research, and comprehensive market analysis.

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